Friday, January 30, 2015

4/52: A Part of Me

Remember when I used to have all kinds of unique hospital experiences? I know, that's not really something to brag about, but it's still the truth. I've been in tornado drills with old men and their open-backed hospital gowns, had someone else's underwear be in my hospital bed, etc.

We can chalk yesterday up as one of those hospital experiences that I'd prefer not to repeat.
Turns out I had reason to be concerned about the whole "conscious sedation" scenario because I was awake . . . the whole time. The procedure ended up lasting almost 2 hours, and I was awake for it all. According to the nurse, he gave me enough Versed to "knock out a horse" (exact quote), but I still was awake and talking (and freaking out) for the whole thing. For the most part, I wasn't in pain - there was lots of Lidocaine for that - but it was the strangest experience. I held it together until it was over, but once they started unwrapping me from all the sterile wraps and masks they use, I bawled like a baby. It was slightly embarrassing, and I don't know where the tears came from except it felt a little like I'd just survived a traumatic event.

Side note: Vanderbilt's staff is lovely and their process in general is smooth so I'm not really blaming them for the fact that Versed apparently does not work on me.

I may be very stiff, sore, and bruised, but I'm the proud owner of a power port. I feel like I should warn you there is a graphic picture below so consider this your fair warning.

Before surgery. This is not the graphic picture, btw.

And then after arriving home. This week's photo theme is a Piece of Me so I thought this was appropriate considering I just had a piece removed and a new piece added. 

Do you notice (1) lipstick during surgery and (2) the lovely orange Betadine still on my neck?

I am incredibly stiff and sore (notice the bruises that had appeared within two hours of surgery) and spent last night laying flat on my back not sleeping. There are pretty much two acceptable positions: sitting straight up and laying on my back. For the doctors and nurses who reminded me I would only be "a little stiff and sore" I would like to say that they clearly have never experienced this personally.

Brian and the kids left at 6:30 this morning and won't be home until early evening (and I'm not allowed to drive) so I'm spending the day at home on the couch sleeping (hopefully), blogging, working on my Bible study lessons, and watching season 2 of The Paradise which just became available on Netflix.

Here's hoping your Friday is at least as productive as mine is going to be. ;)

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Good News, Bad News

The bad news is that my port has kicked the bucket and needs to be replaced via surgery tomorrow morning bright and early. The good news is that we figured out the problem early enough this week, and it will not interfere with chemo next week.

My Vanderbilt doctor said (in a more professional way) that not only is the port I have basically an antique, but that it's also on the wrong side which contributed to it giving out several years earlier than expected. 

They tell me this surgery will last about 90 minutes and only uses conscious sedation, not general anesthesia. All I know is, I'd prefer unconscious sedation. 

And prescription drugs.

I am tempted to feel frustrated by this, but instead am choosing to just accept that ports are a part of my life, be grateful Brian was able to take off work with such short notice, and feel lucky that my boss/work place is incredibly understanding. Did I mention I'll also be off work 3 days next week because of chemo? I've managed to work 3 full weeks in about the last 10ish weeks. Okay, maybe slightly frustrated. 

Being in Nashville for appointments provided the perfect opportunity to spend a couple of hours with my friends, Jenne and Kari, which was a welcome distraction. As was rocking their babies, of course!

I'm feeling tired than usual and have managed to catch a cold so I think I'll get comfy and try to rest tonight because tomorrow morning's hospital check-in at 6:30 is going to come way too early.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

3/52: Light

I've worked during daylight hours this week, and there have been more than our fair share of gray dreary days. This morning we woke up to a bit of snow and a whole lot of sunlight. I put on a hat, jeans and sweatshirt and marched myself out the back door at 7:30. Sometimes I put a little too much faith in my big girl camera instead of taking my time to really set up a shot, but that's okay.

My Bible study group from church put together a bag of family fun for us right before I started the new chemo regimen, and this DIY bird feeder was one of the projects inside. So far the birds aren't crazy about it, but maybe they'll grow to like it.


I'm desperately behind in blogging and sharing pics. Maybe I can get caught up later this week.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday - 100th Day 2014 Edition

As I go back through 2014 and catch up on Project Life, I found these pictures sitting on my hard drive never processed or shared. Considering the 100th day of school for this school year is tomorrow, the timing is perfect to share them.

I think Rory is loving her sweet friend to pieces. They are too cute.



This week has been one of work, homework, and little sleep, but blessedly boring. Tonight Brian and Rory are completing their 2nd grade project for the 100th day of school tomorrow, and we'll probably watch last night's episode of American Idol. I'm kind of loving this season. Loving even more that it's (usually) appropriate for Camden and Rory to watch with us. Camden loves the music aspect of it while Rory is caught up in the glamour that is Jennifer Lopez and the fantasy of going to Hollywood. Bless her glitter-loving heart.

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Weekend Lens

(borrowing that cute title from Ali Edwards)

Our weekend was full of lots of good things: sunshine and basketball (which doesn't happen too often in January), overnight sleepover with Addison, Paddington with the family paid for with a gift card (doesn't that make it even better?), church Sunday morning and then a long Sunday afternoon full of NFL playoff games.



Kids are obsessed with basketball right now. Rory got a basketball for Christmas, and Aunt Liz (who his her PE teacher) is teaching them basic skills this semester.




Sharing gummy bears and few rare peaceful, but happy moments together.


 Already scrapped! Credits here.