Tuesday, February 02, 2016


On Monday afternoons, Brian and Camden play racquetball at a nearby gym which leaves Rory and I to fend for ourselves. Most Mondays, that just means I work on preparing supper while they're gone, but this week we took advantage of the unseasonable 70 degree weather and sunshine. She is a big fan of riding her bike in the road (and we don't take her out often enough . . . an unfortunate by-product of being the second child I guess).



Monday, February 01, 2016

Weekend Lens: January 29-31

I took very few pictures over the weekend, but we certainly enjoyed having my parents around for a couple of days. The weather was insanely pretty for January, and there were lots of footballs and baseballs thrown. It was a fast and furious trip with a busy Sunday, but this week's schedule looks routine.

Looks like Camden is going to overtake Grandpa next. Seriously, look at his big awkward feet. I am just bowled over by his size every time I look at him.




Friday, January 29, 2016

Snapshot #26: January 2016

Developing . . . 
Every day this month I have made my bed (sorry, mom - this is not a reflection on your parenting) and cleaned the kitchen before going to bed. I've never been one to leave lots of dirty dishes around, but this month I've put everything away - both dirty and clean dishes. It's so much nicer to wake up to a clean kitchen. Why did I wait until 40 to realize this?

Listening . . . 
Hipster Hymns Spotify playlist
What Should I Read Next podcast - the host is also the author of Modern Mrs. Darcy blog, and I have absolutely loved every episode. My to-read list is a mile long.

Reading . . . 
Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass #2)
Pretty Girls (incredibly dark and gory)
The Nightingale (to date, I've started but not finished two Kristin Hannah novels, but this one comes highly recommended so we'll see how far I get)
The Rumor by Elin Hilderbrand
After You by Jojo Moyes

Starting . . . 
My book choices have been fiction-only for 2016 so I'm resolving to start and finish two parenting books in February: Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World: How One Family Learned that Saying No Can Lead to Life's Biggest Yes by Kristen Welch and Raising Body-Confident Daughters: 8 Conversations to Have With Your Tween by Dannah Gresh

Watching . . . 
After burning right through Making a Murderer, we quickly made our way through The Staircase (another true crime documentary). I have also watched the first half of Season 1 of The Killing. I have never once been interested in crime dramas (fiction or non-fiction) so it's kind of a strange genre to be suddenly engrossed with. Side note: I fully recognize this is a lot of TV viewing. My only explanation is I've been staying up a little later at night, plus those snow days were an excellent opportunity for TV binging. On the lighter side: American Idol and Korean dramas.

Overheard . . . 
"Wearing color is what I live for" said by a certain 9-year old in our house.

Anticipating . . .
my parent's arrival this afternoon.

Striving . . . 
to focus on the "nurture" aspect of parenting instead of always being the organizer, motivator, disciplinarian, etc.

Caught her mid-question

Friday, January 22, 2016

20/366: Snow Day

Wednesday was our first snow day of the year, and it was kind of awesome. Lots of relaxing, playing in the snow, even a little cleaning/organizing accomplished. Thursday was Snow Day #2 (probably an unnecessary snow day, but this is Tennessee). I had to work but Brian and the kids were off. Snow Day #2 might have lost a bit of Snow Day magic, but we compensated by making chocolate chip cookies and letting the kids stay up until 10:00 (practically an epic evening in our lives).

Today is Snow Day #3 and it looks as if the promise of a winter apocalypse might be coming true since the weathermen are estimating 8-12 inches of snow. That definitely qualifies as a winter event in Tennessee.

The true catastrophe, of course, will be if we run out of creamer for our coffee while snowed in, which is a distinct possibility. I didn't exactly take the weather prediction seriously and it's past time for a grocery run.

We ventured out last night for a last-minute search for a snow shovel and sleds. The rest of Clarksville was also on the hunt and while it may have required standing in line for over an hour, a shovel and two sleds were acquired.

Brian and I have basically abandoned parenting and have burned our way through the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer this week. The look at our justice system and poverty was fascinating, and if we haven't been watching it, we've been talking about it. If we haven't been discussing it, then we've been reading news article on the topic.

I didn't take too many pictures; just enough to show the kiddos having a good time.










2016-01-20 12.51.48

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

The sound of the girl singing in the shower at the top of her lungs gives me a strong hint that I possibly didn't need to drop everything at work and drive to pick her up from school when she called this afternoon and said she was sick and couldn't possibly make it until the end of the day. Live and learn.

My appointment with Dr. C was uneventful Wednesday, which is just how we like it. I had a weird episode with pain in my ribs, which led to an x-ray and a second afternoon at the doctor's office. Internally, I became completely convinced my scan results must have been all wrong while I outwardly tried to convince everyone it was nothing. Turns out bruised ribs are surprisingly painful, but also no big deal.

If you can believe the news, a weather apocalypse is approaching and we just might have a snow day this week. Well, an apocalypse or an inch of snow which is the same thing in Tennessee.

We had our annual MLK talk last night in which Brian and I try to dig a little deeper on a kid-friendly level about racism and what that looks like. I cry through the I Have a Dream speech and MLK quotes every single year. I feel like we talk about this topic often; it certainly takes up a whole lot of my head space on a daily basis, but maybe we haven't been as clear as I thought since Rory thought the white people were the slaves. My consolation that we haven't been as negligent in talking about this as Rory's viewpoint might lead you to believe was Camden's explanation of how different nationalities are like different chapters in a book and you would never not read all the chapters in a book. This makes perfect sense to his book-loving nature.

Liz, Addison, Rory, and I went to see Cinderella at the Nashville Children's Theater last week. It was adorable, and the group of moms/grandma/daughters in front of us brought extra tiaras, which was incredibly sweet. It was a super fun girl's night. We were even on the 3rd row, which was a first for me at live theater.


18/366: paper football

19/366: wishing Grandma happy birthday